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Discover convenient benefit administration with advantages for all parties

The Cafeteria Gallery Beta is the most modern solution for motivating employees and business partners. It will spare your time, allow you to manage your benefits online from one place – and save you time and money with tax benefits.

Employers appreciate tax benefits, transparent on-line management, cost control and a range of benefits. And the result? Satisfaction and high loyalty of employees.

Business partners use the Cafeteria to build their brand, target new customers and care for those who have already been shopping from them.

Employees choose their benefits themselves in a wide network of establishments in the Czech Republic and in e-shops. They can view their account balance at any time – with just a few clicks.

Gallery Beta

Minimum „paperwork“ but still a simple system, order and more time and energy for all things important.

The network of partners‘ establishments covers the entire country. Points can also be used in e-shops.

Employees themselves manage their accounts and choose their benefits ranging from culture, sports, health and recreation to education or purchasing books.

You can handle everything conveniently on-line – from ordering the cards and recharging points to your selection of where and how to use your points.

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